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My dad used to go to the bay bay jumbo restaurant

Jumbo seafood ex Jumbo Kakap

Adapted lobster to yaa

Usually there is

Eating good servants ... live fish ... cheap prices ... The klu is definitely going to eat there

Mantaapppp ....

Ass What kind of shrimp is it?

Wlkmslm. The type of lobster but not too big ... what specific specs do you understand. The ckup is interesting and comfortable ... the variety of fish is also good for those who are fish hobby

A special menu of dishes

The location is great cozy..the car park..and the menu is great choice

Sorry about that ... Is it open today or not the snapper jumbo?

Open my mother ..

Is it open today or not?

Not sure if it's open

Haven't entered Goofood yet? I once wanted to order but the goat's go-go home

like it hasn't I also have never ordered via the application

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